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View Diary: 47% layabouts? 30% lazy bums? Who's right about Americans? Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan? (77 comments)

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  •  "Working poor" is not an oxymoron-it is a disgrace (5+ / 0-)

    I wish that the existence of the working poor were at the center of our political conversation. Here is a simple proposition: anyone who works a full-time job, even mowing Mitt Romney's lawn, should have no problem getting food and decent housing, health care, decent schools and a dignified retirement. Once one accepts this goal, it is clear that "free market principles" will do absolutely nothing to achieve it. And since decency demands it, we must act together to assure it.

    Would the Republicans directly deny this moral claim? They like to portray the working poor as lazy, or rather so simply deny that someone working full time at minimum wage can be living in poverty. The Earned Income Tax credit is at least an attempt to move us toward a more decent society, but according to Romney and Ryan anyone who needs it is a parasite. So ask directly: do you want to eliminate the EIC? Should full-time workers ever live in poverty? This should be at the center of the debate.

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