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View Diary: News Anchor Talks About Bullying from A Personal Perspective; Receives Huge Outpouring of Support! (195 comments)

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    Your personal experience with food budgeting, and how your body responds to different food types is the same for everyone.  How nice that its not hard for you.  Surely all us fat people would be less fat if we just were able to grasp how to buy the right foods which are so easily accessible to all of us, just like you have.

    Ever hear of food deserts?  Note, that's not desserts.  I'm talking about places where buying fresh foods is next to impossible because of a lack of real grocery stores, public transportation, simple access to fresh foods.

    •  given your response elsewhere (0+ / 0-)

      I am 99% certain that it is not possible to have a meaningful exchange with you, therefore I will not respond to this or further posts by you on this topic.

      I will point out though I never said anything was easy and if you reread carefully you'll see that in all my comments I only ever used the term 'fat' once and even then under protest because it's a subjective word. I've actually been using the word obese which has specific definition.

      Have a pleasant day.

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