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View Diary: News Anchor Talks About Bullying from A Personal Perspective; Receives Huge Outpouring of Support! (195 comments)

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  •  If you think about it, (0+ / 0-)

    it's really not an "extraordinary" claim at all. Imagine this headline:

    "BREAKING! Major US Industry Spends Billions to Maximize Profits, 'Guarantee' Customers!"

    Really? What a shock :p

    The problem is that their products (much like the tobacco industry's) directly, massively, and daily affect the health of their customers -- and let's face it, their customers' health doesn't add to their bottom line. So what they're doing is simply good business practice, just as for the tobacco industries, hiding and obfuscating the deadly effects of tobacco was, business-wise, a smart move.

    And similarly, smoking is about "individual choice". Hey, I'm a smoker -- well, I was, now I'm a vaper -- so I can appreciate that from the inside out, while at the same time acknowledging that the product I'm consuming is inherently addictive, designed by its manufacturers to be more so, and my "free choice" isn't really all that free -- it's a chemical addiction that is very hard to break (in fact I didn't break it -- I switched sources), was hidden from the public for decades, and the sale, marketing and advertising of which is, once again, backed by billions of dollars in lobbying efforts, campaign contributions, and millions of dollars in research into how to make the product's addictive qualities even stronger.

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