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  •  Thank you. (4+ / 0-)

    That's a thoughtful perspective.  I'll take it to heart.

    Speaking of insects:  I saw two Monarch butterflies in our backyard last weekend.   But only two.   Usually more this time of year, as we do have Monarch-friendly hedges.

    Also, I've commented on this recently:   we have almost no spider activity in our yard this summer, I believe due to the very active presence of the Bewick's wrens.   Usually this time of year we have large orbs of orb-weaver spider webs.  And the eves of the house and the gates are covered (daily, in spite of our efforts to keep 'em clean) with blanket-style webs.

    But not this year.   The eves are clean and not a single web on the fence gates.   I see the little B-wrens scurrying furtively all over the yard.  They're such acrobats, too, so they get get everywhere to seek their tasty little morsels of arachnids.

    I know the spiders are necessary to keep our other insect pests in check.  But I say:  thanks, lil' wrens!   A tip o' the hat to ya from the resident archnophobe.  Have been no spiders in the house this summer, either.  Amazing.   Hey, I didn't kill 'em.  It was Nature!    :)

    •  For some reason that I can't account for we have (5+ / 0-)

      had fewer orb weavers here this year too, both around the yard and out in the woods. But I haven't noticed a similar decrease in other spider species so it's puzzling. Several oddities this year that I can't explain. We had far fewer doves this year than normal, no house wrens at all, and though we've had Carolina wrens in the yard, I found no nests anywhere and we've always had at least one pair nest here every other year as far back as I can remember. And a real bummer and even bigger puzzler is that no barn swallows nested here this year either although we had several hanging around as usual for most of the summer. Also the lack of young toads and tree frogs that I mentioned awhile back.  I wonder how much, if any of it, is related to the drought we had here this summer, but I just don't know.

      Just give me some truth. John Lennon--- OWS------Too Big To Fail

      by burnt out on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 04:49:04 PM PDT

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