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View Diary: Filibusted? Voters Vomiting Up Gridlock; Obama Can Leverage into Legislative Landslide! (138 comments)

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  •  We have one party rule in FL with Rick Scott (18+ / 0-)

    and the GOP here has been deconstructing 'government' for the people as fast as they can, except when they try to use government dollars to privatize--to build the plutocratic business class... from prisons (which they tried to do, but the legislature actually voted it down), to education....not to mention using govt. dollars to purge the voting rolls...and the results are disastrous....

    I am hopeful that people are tired of hurtful gridlock for legislation that could actually help the American people, such as more stimulus, foreclosure/underwater home refinancing, access to affordable health care, reduction of war/pentagon expenditures, more 'green' jobs, more regulation for the banks, more funding for education at all levels, jobs for our veterans and citizens alike, etc.

    I hope the message of Republican obstruction is finally helping people to make the move to vote Democratic, especially after the GOP voted down the Vets JobS bill.
    Too many of us 47%-ers have had at least one person in the military in the last two generations, so we empathize with the jobless Vet (my son is one, but at least he's in school now, on the GI Bill) perhaps helping to swing the vote away from the 'you're on your own' GOP.

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