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View Diary: Come On NPR! How About A Little Balance. (24 comments)

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    tikkun, PHScott

    with most of the mainstream media (although I do consider NPR marginally better than say, the three major network news outlets).  

    It never ceases to amaze me how folks like Ann Coulter (who, a few weeks ago, was even featured on ABC babbling on with her usual stupidity), Rush and even Sarah Palin are quoted or are featured as legitimate sources and at the same time, there is the b.s. narrative of "liberal bias" in the media.  Its astounding.

    Its not the I am even (necessarily) opposed to hear what the other side has to say, but I am not interested in spin, half baked conspiracy theories or b.s. that cannot withstand critical analysis...The facts are what they, irrespective on on which "side" of the aisle on which they fall.  Occasionally, I would love to see someone focus on facts and substance (as opposed to which candidate wld make a better baby sitter...which was an actual poll reported by ABC...That is irrelevant to me since I am not looking for a baby sitter).

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