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    I've been saying the same thing for years.  If the parents who are oh-so-involved in their kids' private schools (because they HAVE to; many private schools have an parent-involvement policy) were half as involved in the public schools, ALL the kids in the community would benefit, not just their own special snowflake.

    We used to say that the private school kids had the best drugs because they could afford them.

    Here’s my obligatory line about recognizing exceptions.  Bullying, special needs, etc.
    Some of the worst social bullying I have ever seen was a local private "Christian" school, and a lot of the bullying came from so-called adults.  Not to mention that lots of private and charter schools won't take special-needs students in order to keep up their SAT/AP stats.

    It just fries my grits that public schools are expected to educate every single student who walks in the door without any community consideration given to what kind of funding and support the school needs, and then parents pull their special snowflakes out because the school is underfunded and "underperforming".

    When did "education for all" stop being something Americans were proud of?  (I know, around the time Ayn Rand started spewing her nonsense).

    (aka NobleExperiments). ‎"Those who make a peaceful revolution imposible make a violent revolution inevitable" ~ John F. Kennedy

    by smrichmond on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 01:07:18 PM PDT

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