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  •  These people are very wise. (1+ / 0-)
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    High school is important. A bad high school can permanently block a kid from entering the upper-middle class.

    (One must be upper-middle class just to have Healthcare in the USA today, so don't accuse me of greed).

    If you and your spouse are highly educated and have very flexible jobs, you can try a bad school. You can make up for the drugs, crime, and unmotivated classmates by being Helicopter Parents.

    But if you are a single parent, or a struggling immigrant family where the parents work 60-hour weeks, you don't have time to Helicopter. These families need a Good School.

    They don't need to be asked to sacrifice their kid to make "the system" better.

    And I don't want to sacrifice my kid either.

    I'll make a deal. I'll put my daughter in one of these bad inner-city schools when the Bush, Obama, Romney, and Koch families put their kids in with her.

    After all, sacrifice shouldn't just be for the middle class, right?

    No takers? Nobody?

    Didn't think so.

    (I want to be clear that I respect the Diarist for what they are trying to do. But I can't go as far as they are willing to go. Call me a lemming if you wish, but I am actually keeping my daughter away from the cliff).

    •  In other words: You got yours (2+ / 0-)
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      madcitysailor, ChurchofBruce

      And you're terribly, terribly sorry about all the poor people stuck in failing schools, but god forbid that they ask you to do anything about it.

      The revolution will not be televised. But it will be blogged, a lot. Probably more so than is necessary.

      by AoT on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 03:39:28 PM PDT

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