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  •  I'm a teacher in a public school and I do not (1+ / 0-)
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    promote the privatization of public education by any means.  But one school is not necessarily the right answer for everyone and there is nothing wrong with the fact that people do have choices supported by private money.  

    A school doesn't have to be bad to be the wrong school for some people and maybe the right one for others.  

    And I was smarter than the people I went to high school with.  I was smarter than the teachers who taught me.  I don't say it to make myself feel good.  I state it as a fact.  We aren't all the same.  We are all different and the fact that there are different educational opportunities to meet the differing needs of different people is a good thing.

    •  I do not disagree with your comment... (0+ / 0-)

      ... Except that it doesn't really address the point I was making regarding the actual topic at hand. The diarist sending his daughter to a public school is not a controversial thing worthy of attack as it has been.

      If you have choices, good for you! Most people don't, because our country hasn't handed out bootstraps for a long time. So we make due with what we can, and surprisingly we do damn well at it.

      But back to your comment: what is it you're actually saying? Do you agree with the diarist, or the commenter above me?

      "When facts are reported, they deny the value of evidence; when the evidence is produced, they declare it inconclusive." -- Augustine, in The City of God.

      by Zek J Evets on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 09:23:52 AM PDT

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