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View Diary: Voter ID laws take another hit in Mississippi, no appeal coming in Pennsylvania ruling (42 comments)

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  •  Because some assholes have way too much money (3+ / 0-)
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    Heart n Mind, Aspe4, Larsstephens

    (the Koch brothers, for example) who inherited their fortunes from a father who had deep roots in the John Birch Society. They're old and worth billions of dollars each...more than they could ever need. To pour a few hundred million into an election is nothing to them compared to the further wealth and power it could bring them. Same thing with ALEC, an organization that the Kochs help to fund. ALEC is an organization made up of Conservative business leaders, foundations and over 2,000 overwhelmingly Republican legislators from various levels of Govt. this organization has singlehandedly peddled all the voter suppression laws, anti-choice laws, anti-union laws, anti-immigrant laws and even the Stand Your Ground Law across state governments around our Nation. They got many enacted in red states. Paul Ryan has pushed their shit on Capitol Hill. These are the people that the Republican Party is beholden to and that's why they are known as "The Kochtopus".

    •  It may be time (1+ / 0-)
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      I wonder if it's time to organize a systematic boycott of Koch Industries.  That might give the brothers something to do with their time and attention other than turn our Nation into their own personal fiefdom.

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