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View Diary: CT Court appears to join war on women and a reporting error uncovered. (46 comments)

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    Susan from 29, soros

    Because the author of the news article linked to by the diarist made a huge almost libelously stupid mistake and the diarist didn't bother checking the facts for herself.

    The alleged victim in question here does not have the mental capacity of a three year old. The court refers to her as having several issues, one of which is "mental retardation".

    The court decision, all of which I read (but the diarist and most commenters here did not) talks about another case that includes a functional three-year-old. That case, an entirely other case with other people involved was being used as a precedent to try to understand the (somewhat murky and complex) issue of whether this person was capable of communicating non-consent in the face of her physical (not mental) disabilities. Her mental disabilities are barely mentioned in the case and the things she is described as doing in the case (you know, if you read it) are not things a three year old could possibly do.

    Go read the decision for yourself. It's right there on page 11.

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    by Sparhawk on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 03:10:38 PM PDT

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