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View Diary: The "Vote Yes" folks are lying about e-textbooks (10 comments)

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  •  Right up until election day in 2010, Mr. Luna had (2+ / 0-)
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    FloridaSNMOM, quill
    ... nothing but praise for the successes and achievements attained by Idaho schools under his leadership. Within a few months following his re-election, he declared the Idaho school system broken and in need of drastic “reform.” He didn’t seek the advice of experienced educators as to what form that reform should take, and he didn’t listen to Idaho taxpayers when they questioned the wisdom and necessity of his Students Come First plan. Now it turns out that we are responsible for doing his job for him, too.

    We didn’t say it was broken, Mr. Luna. You did.

    We didn’t say reform was necessary. You did.

    We didn’t say we had a plan to offer, because you didn’t ask. It’s a little too late now to start demanding that we come up with a way to repair the damage you’ve already done.

    By the way, sir, I thought you had stooped pretty low by calling my friends and neighbors “union thugs,” but you demonstrated today that we have yet to see how low you can go.

    -- JamesGatz, in response to Luna's contention that his opponents should have come up with a counter-proposal for reform, instead of just attacking his plan.

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