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  •  Obama held serve (17+ / 0-)

    Think Romney did very well. He was quite aggressive. Surprised that Obama didn't rise to the occasion and offer obvious rebuttals on such things as the 47% and off-shore bank accounts. Romney showed he belonged on the stage. So I think it helped him.

    Make much difference in polls? Not sure. Might help a bit. I think Obama held serve. Bit too wonky, but didn't make a mistake. Romney was almost over the edge in his aggressiveness. I thought Jim Lehrer was a wretched moderator. Couldn't control the two of them and let Romney bully him.

    Key point from Slinkerwink that Obama needs to harp on going forward:

    Also, one of the most effective points that President Obama made was that Romney talks all about what he's going to do, but never reveals the details of his plans. I think that President Obama will have to bring that back up again.
    Obama's best line: something to the effect that Romney's plans can't be so good for the middle class that he has to keep them secret.

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