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  •  Very presidential? (0+ / 0-)

    Someone explained Obama last night as very presidential. Well I am sorry Truman, Eisenhower and Johnson, and Bill Clinton, were not on hand to assist in that analysis.
       Obama was virtually morbid.  WHY did he look down most of the time Romney was talking? Afraid to be an angry black man?
    I cannot figure Obama out. He was one sick puppy last night.
        I just this afternoon saw him alive and well and full of piss and vinegar speaking, energetically, to 30,000 -- a vast outdoor crowd in Madison, Wisc.  He was everything he should have been last night.
         It makes no sense. If Plouffe or Axelrod are explaining this away on the basis of being 'presidential' well - forget it.  A real president (as named above) would have put Romney through the wringer last night, and R. supplied all the necessary material to use in doing so.
         Romney is a rotten liar and a disaster. God save the United States if he wins.

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