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View Diary: The Rope-A-Dope Debate, How Obama Won Tonight (54 comments)

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  •  I hope that was the strategy (0+ / 0-)

    I think it's foolish to assume that Obama's strategy was o simply stay quiet the whole time, but it's completely reasonable to think t was part of his strategy....and probably the only part that worked.

    It's simple, if Romney lied 2 or 3 times I'm sure Obama woudl have been willing to call him out on it. However, Romney lied nearly every time he opened his mouth, so calling him a liar on every single issue woud have made Obama look childish and would only feed into the notion that Republicans and Democrats are the same (an opinion held by many independents, and one that only someone who never pays attention would believe....meaning a lot of independents). Undecided voters would have seen that as Obama just using the standard political response of calling your opponent a liar and wold have assumed it was just part of "the game". In short, it would have lessened the impact of Romney's lies.

    I'm happy that the Obama campaign is using footage from the debate, it gives me a sense of validation that it was part of his strategy. I've only seen one clip from the debate used in an ad, but Romney gave Obama 45 minutes of lies to work with so I'm betting we'll see more in the coming weeks.

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