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  •  Okay. Let's say the Prez got the crap beaten outta (10+ / 0-)

    him tonight. But I've seen this kind of despair before on this blog and I've seen it turn around more times than I can count. And don't say this time it's "different."

    It's time to get to work. Many said Romney might get a bump from this debate. And Obama and the team learned some hard lessons tonight. It tends to sharpen the mind and the will. Let's let it sharpen our minds and our will.
    I intend to still try as mightily as before to get that goddamned vote out. That still counts, and counts mightily.

    Obama has a chance to regroup, reframe, sharpen up,
    and recover from a fumble.

    Yeah, fumbles count, but so do recoveries. Haven't we felt beaten before on this blog, and over time we've come out of it, turned things around, and been on top again? Obama does lose occasionally, but does rebound and plays the role of the closer very well.

    No, I don't think any of this was a "strategy," but more like an Obama pattern: seem to be losing, then come roaring back.

    I've seen "catastrophe thinking" before on this blog, and it
    has changed over time too many times for me to count.

    "To hunt a species to extinction is not logical."--Spock, in Star Trek IV.

    by Wildthumb on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 10:15:06 PM PDT

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