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  •  Coaching wasn't probably off.. (1+ / 0-)
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    KJB Oregon

    as much as desperate Mitt embraced Mass legacy (which he never disavowed).

    To be honest, the Obama team and the RWNJs both preferred extreme right wing Mitt who ran away (or scarcely mentioned) Romneycare and his Mass. past.

    Romney can be hard to debate prep against since he will lie in a second and he literally has had positions across the political spectrum.  Additionally, he avoids specific prescriptions on his proposals, so can get away with "magic" policy proposals (see tax cuts).

    Obama was gaffe-free.  Obama was calm and presidential.  

    The next debates he can now freely challenge Mitt without the MSM implying he had become "rattled".  Finally next debates play to Obama's strengths and Mitt's weaknesses.  

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