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  •  This is all well and good... (0+ / 0-)

    But do not let this distract us from the fact the Obama was close to a disgrace last night.  

    If he had brought even his "C" game to the debate, he could have destroyed 80% of Mitt's BS.  He chose not to for some reason.  Maybe it was Syria, who knows.

    Don't give me this "long game" stuff and dubious polling.  If Obama had shown up at all, the election could have been close to over.  

    Mitt Romney is an habitual liar, for sure.  He is also a very effective salesman.  He only needs to sell himself as "moderate" to a relatively small number of people to turn this election around.  Obama gave him an huge assist last nght.  

    The 47% and Bain ads are great, but Obama needed to follow through on those in the face-to-face meeting to provide the knockout blow.  What he did last night was a farce.

    Obama still has my vote. No changing there.  But,  I guarantee that there are a number of people who were deflated by that performance.  And the "enthusiasm" factor is huge in this election.  

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