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View Diary: Three reasons Romney LOST tonight's debate (363 comments)

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  •  It's the playoffs, and the championship team lost (7+ / 0-)

    the first game, and not by much. Obama realized before the end of the debate that his coming in, to agree with Romney on some things, was a fail. He started contrasting more at the end. He seemed to have forgotten some of his strategies in the assaults from Romney, and then realized he had to change in midstream. I think Romney just surprised Obama and he'll make the proper adjustments to destroy that Bain freak from here on. No voters are going to switch based on this, except for some Republican leaners-- and as soon as Romney makes his next gaffe, which he will, he'll lose them again.

    •  Romney has an advantage (7+ / 0-)

      because he can just etch-a-sketch.  I think that is why the debate did not go well for the president.  Romney came in knowing Obama's policy positions because they have not "evolved."  It is much easier to prepare when you know your opponent's positions.  Romney started off by contradicting everything he has said in the past.  

      The upside is that Romney will need to figure out a way to defend these contradictions in the coming weeks.  

      Buck up everybody...I predict that like every other small Romney victory we have seen, we will have a gaff, or leak, or some other stupid remark that will set him back two steps.

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