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View Diary: Three reasons Romney LOST tonight's debate (363 comments)

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    what the fuck your purpose is in a debate if it isn't to call out the other guy on his lies.  

    I do know your purpose isn't to stand there and "tut-tut" in a professorial manner while looking down and nodding your head while the other guys calls you a liar ("you're not entitled to your own facts"), and compares you to his fucking children.

    Americans hate that shit.

    I'm with Robert Reich on this (at HuffPo):

    But what struck me most was how much Obama allowed Romney to get away with: Five times Romney accused Obama of raiding Medicare of $716 billion, which is a complete fabrication. Obama never mentioned the regressiveness of Romney's budget plan -- awarding the rich and hurting the middle class and the poor. He never mentioned Bain Capital, or Romney's 47 percent talk, or Romney's "carried-interest" tax loophole. Obama allowed Romney to talk about replacing Dodd-Frank and the Affordable Care Act without demanding that Romney be specific about what he'd replace and why. And so on.

    I've been worried about Obama's poor debate performance for some time now. He was terrible in the 2008 primary debates, for example. Expectations are always high -- he's known as an eloquent orator. But when he has to think on his feet and punch back, he's not nearly as confident or assured as he is when he is giving a speech or explaining a large problem and its solution. He is an educator, not a pugilist, and this puts him at a disadvantage in any debate.

    •  Obama did explain the $716x10^9 (1+ / 0-)
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      once. It was pointless to keep repeating it over and over and playing Mitt's game with him. I swear, was I watching a different debate from so many others?

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      Debate is not Obama's format. He was on his heels, not his toes.
      He prefers speeches to extemporaneous, on-his-toes , smooth, concise rebuttals.
      And combine that with his phobia of conflict, and his overt appearance of haggard fatigue and you get performances like last night.
      Kossacks can spin it all they want, his "11 dimensional chess" etc, but it was not O's finest moment.

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