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View Diary: Three reasons Romney LOST tonight's debate (363 comments)

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    On substance, the diarist is correct: Romney gave Obama material to put in ads. Not just the Big Bird comment, but the phony promise that his tax plan is deficit neutral, even for rich people.  If rich people are going to pay the same AMOUNT in taxes (lower rates, fewer deductions) then where does all the Magic Growth come from?

    On style, Obama lost, badly. He seemed passive, disengaged, and he let a number of lies sail by without challenge. AND STYLE MATTERS.  Perhaps it shouldn't, but it does to the average voter sitting there watching the debate, the average voter who doesn't live and breathe politics the way we do.

    Perhaps this is some sort of long range, 11 dimension chess strategy, but as far as I can tell Obama was just off his game.  Why is a matter of conjecture.  Was he trying too hard to be "presidential"?  Was he trying to hard not to let his disdain for Romney show? Was he underprepared due to the demands of his office?  I have no idea. But he can't let it happen again.

    I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom. A bad first debate performance is not fatal -- recall the first Reagan-Mondale debate in 1984, when Reagan acted like his Altzheimer's was already in full swing. He came back to beat Mondale in the subsequent debates quite handily, and to pulverize him in the general election.  A number of incumbents have survived bad first debates and gone one to win the general election.  But Obama can't let this happen again.  

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