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  •  Alright fuck it... (1+ / 0-)
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    Nothing wrong w/being critical of the Pres. b/c he's not above criticism, no one is! But damn when I read stuff like:

    It's becoming obvious that Obama doesn't give a (0+ / 1-)
    shit about the House, or the Senate. He barely seems to care about his own reelection, as he warned us in 2009
    That you wrote or:
    What about fucking OBAMA!? He was a no-show last night. A useless policy wonk, not a party leader. he should be very, very ashamed this morning.
    written by LongTom, to me the whinny statements, that's not constructive criticism in my eyes. And honestly it does come more off as the "black people, black men being held to a super duper, supposed to be perfect to get my admiration" type of BS standard that we, black people, get all the time. And just b/c y'all white liberals here are liberals doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Trust me I'm a young black male, I've seen what most of you (since KOS is mostly a white site) can't or never will. I've seen so called allies also turn their back on us, seem to hold us to a super higher standard of achievement needed to get the same ounce of respect. Hell I saw it here, 2 months after Obama was elected, white liberals starting to whine, "oh watered down this & that." Failing to forget even w/Dem House & high #'s in Senate, we still had to deal with trying to get conservative Dems (aka rural/southern social conservative whites who didn't bolt to GOP in anger due to southern strategy after my parents/uncles etc finally got their 100% FUCKING GOD DAMMED GIVEN RIGHTS). I saw the obstacles within the party, others don't partially b/c in my opinion I think even on our side (aka liberal side) there's that "he's black, gotta be perfect to win my happiness," surrounding atmosphere be damned! Hell, if some of y'all may expect a black pilot to land a plane perfectly if it lost both wings, all it's rudders, it's roof in mid flight (no one could do that).

    Now again not saying Obama (or any black/minority) CAN'T be criticized he (we) can & should b/c EVERYONE regardless of ethnicity makes mistakes period. Yes that debate performance wasn't his best last night, though everything went as I EXPECTED IT TOO. Not saying I wouldn't have liked to seen more offense from Obama b/c I did, but what I saw is what I expected & in the bigger picture of things I'm not worried. Given he's running dual ops (president & trying to campaign) & then hell add in MidEast info w/the new surprise of Turkey/Syria exchanging shots & Turkey asking for emergency session of NATO (which we're apart of). Oh not to mention prep of strike packages for Libya (I mean I know military picks sights, but ya think he's not having meeting about that either). I do believe that was reason for that extra tired look which he did admittedly have, which then made his strategy of defense look a bit worse. Romney has had ALL time in the world to prep for this shit, get he's li(n)es ready! Now yea Obama should've done better camera work (look into camera more at Romney more) & I know that'll improve for the 2nd debate. I said all along this first debate would be a feeling out of Romney, they'll game film (as much as possible given he does have a day job) & improve for debate 2. And I expect Biden to have more a green light to come off aggressive (he won't get the angry black man label put on him, none of you white liberals have to worry about that). Yes the 47%, Bain lines would've been good (though questions weren't directly asked) but given next debate it town hall format I have a feeling a someone in the audience will bring that up.

    If this get's me banned, so be it, I'm so damned tired of some of the shit I've seen here since being on this site (though I don't post as much) since about 2007. To me it's gone beyond constructive/valid criticism at times, to just dumb ass crying, based on that underbelly of "we have to be perfect, to get y'alls admiration & fucking approval." The weaker leader comments, insults like that, w/nothing else to them (at least go beyond your comments, bust out some paragraph like I did to explain yourself, use some data) leads me to come to the conclusion I have.

    And to close this off let me just say this. I think there are some of y'all, while you have right to be angry at Obama at times (I'm not 100% in approval of everything he has/hasn't done) y'all need to get real. This whole "I'm didn't vote in 2010, may not in 2012" for Obama/Dems bullshit is dumb. Let me tell you this...after some of your socially conservative parents/grandparents bolted from the Dem/Dixiecrats to GOP) it has been my parents, uncles, aunts, older cousins, my sisters since voting age, myself since voting age now my niece & other minorities WHO'VE HELPED KEEP THIS FUCKING DEMOCRATIC PARTY AFLOAT! W/o us Clinton would've never gotten into office, we'd never even have had chance at controlling Congress in recent times as we have. You think every black Democrat (be it conservative black Dem, moderate or liberal) like myself has always been happy w/every Dem candidate we supported? You think I believe Webb is a damn progressive (hell he worked for Reagan, he's a conservative Dem). But I know voting to help him get into Congress is better than giving that seat to a GOP'er. Yea Dodd-Frank, Stimulus, Obamacare may have been watered down, but it was b/c we needed conservative Dems (aka DINO) votes b/c we sure as hell weren't gonna get it from the KKK I mean GOP aka social conservatives who've always been KKK'ish w/their thoughts. I mean point is, if you consider yourself a liberal/Dem....yea you can be disappointed with Obama, but if you're feeling you shouldn't vote b/c nothing will change, then you're stupid IMO. If you can't see the difference b/t Obama & Romney & both parties you're fucking dumb & just a damn whiner! I mean I realize that as much as white liberals protest about Trayvon Martin, Occupy WallSt etc. most of ya'll won't ever have to WORRY about being Trayvon Martin'ed or have a likely of a chance of having grown up poor (on avg whites still have more wealth than blacks/minorities). So maybe you see not voting no big deal b/c Obama didn't get you a fucking pony, but I DO! As someone who knows his history of social conservative hate, as someone who can look at the face of McConnell, Cantor, Gingrich, Santorum & flat out say YES THEY'RE RACIST ASSHOLES...I take voting seriously. Even if the candidate isn't 100% what I want, I know sometimes stair steps of Dem progress is better than letting these KKK type Rick Perry morons get control of anything, especially Congress at the federal level. Point being as much as black people have been there for the party, when I see some of the shit going here, I do take it as so called "allies" turning their backs not just normal valid criticism. Again as a black man I've seen people close to me, supposed allied come out w/some double std bullshit. It pisses me off...

    Got a problem w/what I posted b/c it's the damn TRUTH (whether some folk wanna see it or not) then KISS MY YOUNG BLACK ASS...

    "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi Proud Obama Supporter! I write stuff sometimes Yea I'm on Twitter: wlfpack81

    by wlfpack81 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 08:36:10 AM PDT

    •  Oh bullshit (0+ / 0-)

      No one here is expecting perfection from Obama because he's black. We are expecting him to LEAD in the debates because he's the leader of both our country and our party. Last night, he failed to do so. He didn't challenge most of Romney's lies. He didn't bring up the 47%. He went light on the auto bailout (Which would have been perfect with midwest "Swing voters" in the role of government portion of the debate).
       Obama couldn't even adhere to the basic points of public speaking most of us are given in high school English class: Eye contact, pleasant demeanor, seem excited and interested, even if you aren't, good posture etc. DKOS wasn't around in 00, but trust me, I was even more mad at Gore for losing to Bush and I was furious with Lieberman for throwing in the towel in his opening statement against Cheney. I still think and hope that Obama wins this election, but  last night did make it harder and Obama isn't getting a pass on this for me. Stop making this a about race.

      •  Blah Blah blah... (0+ / 0-)

        ...ya know the debate pts you mentioned, I mentioned in my posts as well, about things I wish he had done better in the debate (47%, Bain, better camera work). But I stand by the gist of my post. As someone who's from the Mid-Atlantic, went to school in the south, lived in the southern plains during 4yrs after college graduation, now back in the mid-Atlantic...I've been around ALL walks and ideologies of all peoples, but to get it specifically to what I was going at in this post...I've been around liberal, moderate, conservative, right wing whites in my jobs etc., I know what the FUCK I've seen....

        And if ya got a problem with what I said, eh too fucking speech...just like you have to the right not like what I said & reply in turn as ya did....

        "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi Proud Obama Supporter! I write stuff sometimes Yea I'm on Twitter: wlfpack81

        by wlfpack81 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 09:06:56 AM PDT

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      •  There is a difference (0+ / 0-)

        between criticising the debate performance, or using it as an excuse to take a dump on Obama. I am not black, but I can see the difference. The poster wlfpack81 was refering to, has used this opportunity to spout really nasty comments about Obama, dissing his debate performance, which he claimed he didn't see. This poster has been writing this kind of shit for years.

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