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View Diary: Three reasons Romney LOST tonight's debate (363 comments)

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  •  It's not just Obama vs Romney (0+ / 0-)

    There were several problems last night:
    1. The President needs to rebut the lies about his policies.  He wasn't nearly as forceful about it, and often let issues slide by.  He also rambled so much that subjectively it appeared that Romney got more time, although the measurements seem to show that actually the President took more time.
    2. This is not just a Presidential election:  all the House and 1/3 the Senate seats are at stake (not to mention future Supreme Court appointments).  The President needs to discredit not just Romney (who has a different public position each day anyhow) but also the Republican value system -- that value system is to cut or reject any plans that help the poor and middle class -- e.g. Pell grants -- while standing firm on things that help their "have more" constituents.  He should have pointed out in response to all this stuff about "reaching across the aisle" that obstructionist Republicans held the nation hostage on the infamous day of 8/2/11 to force drastic spending cuts during a recession, having previously held the Start treaty and unemployment compensation extensions hostage.  Voters need to know that (a) the Republicans have been out-of-range obstructionist, and (b) Republican policies -- regardless of whether Romney claims to support them or not on any particular day, are cynically shafting the poor and middle class while serving the interests of the privileged few.  He should exploit the fact that a key architect of these policies both sits in congress and was tapped as VP candidate:  Paul Ryan.  He should be pounding on "Ryan-Romney's" plans all the time.

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