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View Diary: President Obama Was Distracted By More Important Matters. (150 comments)

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    Whether I navigate my ship successfully has not affect on the future of the nation. His perfromance does. He dropped the ball so many times last night I simply can't count it. The worst was not going after Romney on the Medicare lie. That is out there again after it was beat back. It simply isn't good enough to say the President is busy and he'll be ok. He won't be if he doesn't get his head in the game. He is POTUS. He wanted the job, and that means he does it 24/7. It comes with the postion. I will say it again, he will retire wealthy and remain wealthy all of his life. Nothing that happens economically will impact. But if lets Romney win, then we will pay, and it will be because POTUS didn't come with his "A" game. Sorry, this is the big leagues and he's in it. When time is called in he'd better be ready to play. No excuse, get on with it.

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