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  •  Billions for Big Oil (11+ / 0-)

    but not one penny for Big Bird.  What does that say about Romney's priorities?  And your question lines up with that, billions to buy bullets and bombs and "weapon platforms" the Pentagon doesn't want, we can't afford, and which don't even work or really defend us from the real threats out there, but not one cent to educate our kids without intrusions from salespeople trying to get them to buy sugary cereal and plastic toys?  What next, stopping teachers every 10 minutes to insert a "word from our sponsor"?  Fast food joints in every high school?  School buses with ads painted all over, ads inside the bus, and ad laden radio blasting every ear during the ride?  Romney's priorities and values really came through in that debate, and I think they are disgusting.

    America needs a UNION NEWS channel. We (unions) have the money, we have the talent. Don't buy 30 second time slots on corporate media, union leaders; fund your own cable news channel and tell the real story 24/7/365

    by monkeybrainpolitics on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 03:57:14 PM PDT

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