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View Diary: Mitt Romney: Lying to victory (383 comments)

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  •  We know he lied, and Romney knows he lied... (10+ / 0-)

    So WTF didn't Obama call him on any of his more blatant falsehoods? I would have liked to see Obama break his Regal Yet Tired President act just once and ask Romney something cutting instead of nodding when Romney was speaking, or staring at his notes, or staring distractedly at Lehrer, or telling Romney that they agree on Social Security, or any of the other thousand blunders BO committed. (See: Debate 101).

    Many people tuned in to see our candidate of choice pin Romney to the Matt and keep him there. What we got is a guy who was well-mannered. But good manners aren't what's needed in a cage fight. When the other guy is kicking and spitting and choking and hitting below the belt, it's foolish to not defend yourself and instead sit there waiting for the sleepy referee to cite the Marguis of Queensberry Rules to the opponent.

    Cogito. Ergo sum ​​atheus.

    by Neapolitan on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 06:18:55 AM PDT

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