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  •  Romney wasn't "energetic" (5+ / 0-)

    to my and my 67 y/o father. He couldn't believe he was staring at the President like he was lecturing. Glad the president took the high road.

    The only thing I will remember from that debate is his utter lack of respect, and that I have no idea what he thinks about anything except things Obama did would be good and we'd do those, but other things his base hates are bad?

    •  agree. he was more like "manic" than energetic. (2+ / 0-)
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      ClevelandAttorney, DSPS owl

      his campaign's desperation was clearly on display.

      •  I honestly thought he was on Adderol (sp) (1+ / 0-)
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        or something.

        He came across to my Dad and I not like Chris Matthews said.

        As a prick. The split screens were great.

        Romney staring at the president, the President generally looking pensive, taking notes. AND STAYING ON MESSAGE.

        The most memorable exchange is with the Moderator.

        I hope Romney does this again and again.

        He was pandering to the elder vote. My dad literally stopped watching because he said "I cannot watch or listen to this guy he is such a jerk"

        My dad pointed out he thought he was staring at the president on purpose, I said he just lacked ettiquette (as it seemed like someone told him to stop).

        Jim Lehrer actually did a great job. As Moderators usually do too much. He let everyone see what most know.

        The funny thing to me is that Obama explained Romney's policies more than Romney. And his own.

        He couldn't have time to pick everything I yelled at Romney about apart. Plus that is Obama.

        I honestly watched as impartially as possible and turned off immediately when Chuck Todd started talking. Because couldn't believe. I would love to watch with no volume.

        "Energetic" "Passionate" does anyone saying that remember about what? All I remember is he seemed to not care, where you could see the contrast

        He was lex luther.

        There are only 2 things I wished Obama nailed him on. But I'd bet 100 bucks Biden says. First, that it is not taking from Medicare (but wasn't worth for Obama as Romney said "Yes" when asked are you going to vouchers). But it's in the Ryan plan, Ryan knows it's coming (ie the same cut).

        Second the vetoes. But I think ppl fail to realize a clip from the debate with a stat he led the league in BIPARTISAN vetoes (yes he brought together by alienating all).

        Looking forward to Obama (who realizes he can take high road and Romney can get pounded by others).  Hope Romney thinks he can relax. And continue to dig a ditch. I'd love a campaign blitz showing how much bs there was right before next debate and Facebook question "is it true you'll say anything to get a vote"


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