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    1) Romney has always had the revenue neutral position for anyone that bothered to read his plan
    2) as to your question:

    So how does a "revenue neutral" tax change, which does not change the total taxes received, provide the reduction in tax burden Mittens is advocating as the key to growing the economy?

    I can easily answer that as a small business person (which is perhaps why Obama and you cannot do so).

    I make a lot of decisions about future staffing and assets and marketing plans and so forth.

    The DOMINANT issues is ALWAYS the "tax consequence"

    Anything major has to be run through my accountant.  In general I am not making decisions based on "good business" I am making them based on "best tax planning" -- or best after-tax result.

    I will NOT expand to the level the requires me to purchase employee health insurance.  Period.  If I get accelerated depreciation on a machine that will work for 10 years replacing one man's job -- for the price of 10 man-years work -- I will take the machine because of the accellerated depreciation.  That was a tax choice, not a business or personal or human decision.

    If there are no tax games -- no accelerated depreciation, no special deal for making wooden arrows or drilling oil, no deduction for buying a Rolls Royce or private jet for "business travel" ... if that all goes away and a flat rate is charge the same for all people ... my decisions then become rooted in PURE BUSINESS -- and in general a "good business environment" is what creates JOBS.

    Romney's plan is a hybrid -- not entirely a flat tax, but a step in that direction (and actually it makes more sense to move to a flatter tax slowly rather than quickly as some business already made decisions based on current tax law).  But a revenue neutral plan makes everyone pay their fair share -- nobody can buy a Rolls and write it off.  The business man is on an equal playing field as his employee.  And this all will boost the economy.  Exactly as Romney has ALWAYS said his plan was -- revenue neutral and it will boost the economy.

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