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View Diary: Mitt Romney vows to fire Big Bird to save 0.00014% of the budget (140 comments)

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  •  mittens the liar (0+ / 0-)

    he wants to give himself and his wealthy friends $5 trillion in tax cuts at the expense of cutting NPR and all other non-defense programs.

    add in $2 trillion of additional defense spending (more corporate welfare) that the Pentagon does not ever want to spend and that is an increase of $7 trillion to the deficit.

    mittens also wants to limit deductions (individual, not corporate) to $17k...........more funding the fat cat tax cats on the backs of the middle class........

    the low information voter is not paying attention, too busy watching honey boo boo......and they do not read newspapers so mittens performance won't change anything.....national numbers may tighten but the swing states numbers won't change enough to put that liar in to the WH.

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