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  •  That's loser talk. (1+ / 0-)
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    He isn't "so damn popular" He's at 49% maybe 50%. That's called "barely cutting it" not "crushing victory."

    Here's the final analysis: Romney was hobbled and disoriented while getting up off the mat and enduring the count. After the ref steps away to let the fight continue, Obama just covers up his face and runs around the ring, allowing Romney to pull himself together and begin peppering Obama with jabs.

    That's not how a champion fights. As soon as the ref says "fight" a champion goes in for the finishing blow. The Obama Campaign has been hammering Mitt Romney from various angles all year long, THAT is why Obama is winning. But when it came time for the finishing blow, Obama let him back into the fight.

    The American people want a fighter in their president, angry black man or not. He shouldn't give a shit what the media thinks at this point. He's president. Go directly to the people through the filter.

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