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View Diary: No, Romney DID win last night. But here's 7 things to make you smile... (313 comments)

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  •  During the debate I kept thinking that we must be (11+ / 0-)

    getting to see the demeanor that the President uses with the various heads of state that he interacts with.......calm, controlled, willing to listen.....even when the person he's talking to is a complete a$$hole.   {grin}

    As of 02/22/2012 in Washington State pharmacists can exercise their "religious freedom" by denying women access to Plan B because the judge thinks there aren't any bigots in this state.

    by FlamingoGrrl on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 08:49:43 AM PDT

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    •  I was trying to remember when the President (9+ / 0-)

      calmly turned his complete attention to the American people as if only they and he were in that room.  If I am not mistaken it was during the times when he was making the five basic points he intended to make during that debate.

      Also the President kept remaining focused on his respectful interaction with the moderator and with the American people.  He rarely even addressed Romney as if there was no point.

      Romney kept trying to make it a personal challenge and to demean the record of the administration.  Obama kept returning to the outline and the choice the people would be making by their vote.

      I lived with a sociopath and recovering from the trauma of that I researched communication strategies to use in those cases.  It is always going to be difficult to interact with someone with no conscience and who's intentions are harm but there are ways to minimize their ultimate advantage.

      The reaction is the very thing they are looking for.  Not giving them that is paramount.  Once they have you losing your cool they have you so to speak.

      Just as I watched the President use hostage negotiation strategies with the GOP during the debt debacle I watched him use communication strategies that you use with a sociopath last night.

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