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View Diary: Romney's big Medicare lie takes center stage in debate (161 comments)

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    MeToo, eps62

    ......mittens and ryan et al want medicare to be insolvent by's been their plan all along. they want to do away with one way or another, so let it go insolvent.

    it's the rebublican way, create a crisis and take advantage of it:

    9/11: which gave them the opportunity to start an illegal war and then watch their buddies in the defense industry rake in hundreds of billions. created the largest government agency in history, again creating hundreds of billions of dollars of income for their friends.

    Collapse of the economy in 2008: allowed Paulsen to hold America hostage and give Wall Street hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts.

    Medicare insolvency: will allows their friends access to hundreds of billions of dollars in services that the government can no longer fund.

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