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  •  2008 McCain Versus Obama first debate (0+ / 0-)

    According to McCain won the first 2008 debate. Lots of good that did him:

    However, "winning" the debate is irrelevant -- it's just one battle in the larger war of the election. In this debate, Obama clearly won the larger-scale victory towards election, because he succeeded at appearing as McCain's equal in presidential stature and in foreign policy knowledge. Millions of undecided voters saw Obama as looking adequately prepared for the presidency -- a key issue on which many voters were waiting to see how Obama performed. He passed muster on this issue. Neither candidate turned the other's supporters to their side -- which is what the pundits mean byt heir analysis of who "won" -- but we suspect that many previously undecided voters turned to Obama at this debate. That's what "winning" REALLY means -- how people will vote on November 4th -- and Obama clearly "won" the debate in that respect.
          How can we say that McCain won the debate but Obama won the larger electoral victory? Well, I'll make an analogy to my days as a high school wrestler. High-school wrestling matches are scored by "Team Points" -- if you win your match, you gain one Team Point; if you trounce your opponent, you gain three Team Points; if you pin your opponent, you gain six Team Points. My coach gave me an achievable goal: "Go out there and don't get pinned!" I was a lousy wrestler, but I excelled at NOT getting pinned. So at the end of a typical bout, I would be trounced by my opponent, who would be applauded by his team bench, and then I would return to my team bench to even louder applause. Why? Because I had saved my team three Team Points, in comparsion to getting pinned. My coach formulated a strategy that counted on my ability to not get pinned -- and I came through, every time. Despite losing my matches, I made my team's larger victory possible.
          McCain needed to pin Obama in this debate. Obama did not get pinned. Hence even though Obama "lost" this debate, he succeeded ni his larger strategy of gaining votes for the election. McCain will now need to pin Obama in the next two debates. All Obama needs to do is struggle to a draw, or just lose by a little bit, and he will get elected.

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