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View Diary: Romney Won Using a Debate Technique Called the Gish Gallop (385 comments)

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  •  Lying is a very effective tactic for Romney.... (14+ / 0-)

    The "Gish Gallop" which I hadn't heard of before this diary, but saw Romney use in the debate, allowed him to control the debate.  

    He forced Obama to use his limited time following each moderator question to make a choice between only bad options:   Spending his allotted time disputing Romney's serial lies;  Ignoring Romney's lies and spend that time making his own points;  Or, attempting a combination of the two, which could result in a seemingly disjointed and less than coherent response.  None of those were winning options for Obama.

    Unfortunately, the moderator either wasn't informed enough and/or couldn't because of time constraints fact check Romney's lies and ask him to explain the discrepancy between what he said (lie) and what the facts actually support.  

    The GOP has found yet another Dirty Trick that seemingly no one knows how to deal with or how to stop--even though everyone knows it's wrong.  

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