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View Diary: Does Romney's base feel abandoned? (8 comments)

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    if is the base...

    After last night’s decisively one-sided debate, Mitt Romney looked like a winner. President Obama had the body language we would expect from one of the submissive characters in 50 Shades of Gray. So Celebrate, Celebrate Like Mad Men. Celebrate on November 7th. The day after we’ve actually, you know, won something. Having done everything I can short of treating The Hatch Act the way an Obama Appointee would, I attend to get drunk and hang from the freakin’ rafters – after the job is complete.

    I didn’t sleep to well last night. I was just too gosh-darned happy. Barry Bonds on the juice couldn’t have whacked last night’s hung curveball any harder. But then again, I remember my beloved Deadskins having double-digit leads against The Rams and The Bucs respectively. I believe Romney is ahead as of last night – kind of early in the 3rd Quarter.

    and redstate comix weighs in too.

    "What self-respecting Republican says no to money? Even when a black man is doling it out." --Helen

    by bubbanomics on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 11:17:30 AM PDT

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