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View Diary: Romney won Nothing- Sick of Hearing it (15 comments)

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  •  So I was in a room full of democrats (4+ / 0-)
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    And the entire reaction to the debate was gasps of astonishment over Romney's increasing whoppers.

    I mean, we were all expecting him to lie.  But I guess we were expecting the same old lies, not gigantic new ones.

    I don't think there was a single person in the room who would vote for Romney as a result of the debate.

    Some of them might have rated him the "winner" though.  Until I read the community and pundit meltdown over his performance though, I didn't think either side did anything especially effective.

    Obama didn't say anything that could haunt him.

    Romney said lots of crap that might haunt him, but he has said SO MANY THINGS this election that there probably isn't time to attack all of them.

    So you know...status quo.

    Having looked at the reactions, there are a lot of people who feel he rolled over.  Here's what I saw:

    I thought Obama did a good job at attacking the Romney tax policy and defending his Obamacare Medicare adjustments.  He just stated his case once though, when the question was first asked and let Romney repeat the opposite several times.

    So in a fact-check vacuum, if all you have is what you see in front of you, the "Big Lie" effect of repeating your case loudly wins by sheer repitition, over the other guy stating his case once, and assuming once is enough.

    If facts don't matter, then anybody who will shout a lie more times than the other guy will always "win".

    And if we really vote for the guy who lies the most, we deserve to fail as a country.

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