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View Diary: Obama ad hammers Romney for lying about his tax plan during debate (193 comments)

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    I don't believe that that was the real Obama on stage in the debate last night. It was too obvious a ploy to test the waters and to see exactly what Romney's got. Acting demure and reserved is the perfect way to put hooks in Romney's jaws to draw him out and set him up for rounds 2 and 3. Its the classic rope-a-dope move. Mittens fell for it completely because he's too arrogant to see past himself and his need to get aggressive and loud enough to make an impact last night. Mittens has shown his hand, and what he's got is not a lot.

    Obama will be back and ready to take down the Mittman next time around. It will be very dramatic, and much more impactful...closer to the election and sending Romney into a tailspin that he won't have time to recover from. Mittens is laughing because he thinks he won. But, he who laughs last...

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