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View Diary: After last night every "True Conservative" should hang their heads in shame (20 comments)

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  •  teapublicans are going to hate themselves in (1+ / 0-)
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    the morning for this one.

    during the debate i knew my right wing relatives and acquaintances  were all clammy and nauseous watching this insidious douchebag of a candidate, their guy.
    even his foray into 'i love the constitution' ,though smooth, was half baked and dreamy , instead of you know, militant and gunlovin'.

    the only solace they got was that the pundits immediately called it against Obama. yeah they'll put that excrement on a stick and march around waving it for awhile.

    but inside,  a lot of them know they have sold their souls. after last night there's no doubt. Mitt Romney sealed the deal and locked the door last night. if you are with him ,you too, will have to live with him in the land of liars.

    •  Dunno 'bout that. Those folks are a bunch of (0+ / 0-)
      teapublicans are going to hate themselves in the morning for this one.
      political whores who are more likely to hate the Mittster starting Nov. 7th.  That's because they utterly lack the gift of self-examination to see that they're loathsome fucks.

      Is anybody listenin' ? - by Tori del Allen

      by Dumas EagerSeton on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 01:56:47 PM PDT

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