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View Diary: Biden hits another one out of the park in typical Joe fashion, low key & heartbreakingly beautiful (159 comments)

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  •  Hey Olympia (1+ / 0-)
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    I bit my lip before - people here hate it when you even begin to think a negative thought in posts like this, but I'll just ask you (just asking olympia for right now), do you think that that 15-year-old actually said these words:

    My family has received the tax cuts for the middle class that the President and Vice President passed, and it has helped us tremendously.
    I mean - I don't know. No use I guess, but if that wasn't written by a staffer I'm a great dane. I mean - I don't know. This kinda shit bugs me. (If it was just "tax cuts" I could almost - almost - buy this, but the pat phraseology of "tax cuts for the middle class that  the President and Vice President passed" - blerg. This story is all so good - but why would someone do that?

    Ignore me if you like.


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