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  •  sadly, the money line is this (2+ / 0-)
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    michlawa2, Brix
    To be sure, superficial does get the votes.

    Oregon:'s cold. But it's a damp cold.

    by Keith930 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 12:02:33 PM PDT

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      I agree. And I am of two minds on this, since it is so important that Obama is elected instead of Romney. I do also want him to "win" the debates.

      My angst, and the reason I wrote this diary, has to do with something else. That for all of our desire to see the national debate elevated, and for all our distaste of the superficial absurdity that our media has become, that we're actually still moving backwards. And that the greater part of the influences and reward mechanisms are still pushing everything in the wrong direction.

      Obama earnestly attempted to do the right thing last night; he tried to have a policy debate. And because he faced a smirking seventh-grade rain of bullshit (what the top-recced diary labels a "Gish Gallop") he looked clumsy and inarticulate. And his own side is beating him up for that.

      All the pressure is to do the wrong thing, to play the game the way Romney is playing it. Little or no recognition for what Obama was trying to do right, and at a time when it's so rare to see that.

      And the inevitable consequences, the continued degradation of the national debate (all the while loudly wishing things were different) marches on. It makes me sad.

      If an asteroid was hurtling toward Earth, Republicans would refuse to consider any plan that didn't start with tax breaks for the rich.

      by Brix on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 12:30:40 PM PDT

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