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View Diary: No, President Obama and Mitt Romney don't have a 'similar position' on Social Security (92 comments)

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    chuckvw, corvo, 2laneIA

    This election is between a man (Obama) who will cut Social Security (see: "Grand Bargain"), and a man (Romney) who could try to completely destroy it.

    Either way, we are screwed, just maybe a lot worse under Romney.

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      corvo, cslewis, Boudicia Dark

      Jeapardydd is right.  Obama is on the austerity train travelingo n the Simpson-Bowles line.  He is going to cut a Grand Bargain in lame duck session that will be a gutting of SS in exchange for tax cuts for some of the wealthy. Turn SS into a welfare type benefit, not a guarantee that peoplewho have worked their whole lives to put in $.  Once that is accomplished, SS is on the way to its end. Never thought party of FDR would do what Republicans have been slathering to do for decades.  Beyond Depressing.

      •  The problem as I see it (3+ / 0-)
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        tardis10, cslewis, 2laneIA

        is that while if they each had free reign to do whatever they wanted, Romney would completely end SS while Obama would just cut some of it, I suspect that Obama will be more likely to damage it because the dems might stand up to Romney on SS (like they did against GWB-privatization), while President Obama will bring los of Dems with him to cut it.

        I'm scared for the country either way.

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