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View Diary: UPDATE: For those who don't think Romney's 'Big Bird' moment is a major thing ... (207 comments)

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  •  CTW also created "The Electric Company" (1+ / 0-)
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    I was just moving out of the Sesame Street age group when it began so The Electric Company had the greater influence on me. For me, Morgan Freeman will always be "Easy Reader". But as the oldest of 5, Sesame Street continued to be a big part of my life well into my teens.

    Although today there are private, for-profit, children's programming networks that Romney likely holds dear, it seems unlikely they would exist without the pioneering work made possible by PBS.
    I can only guess how many other private, for-profit industries would have to give credit to publicly funded pioneering research and development, that is, if anyone was willing to talk about it!

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