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View Diary: The Delayed Fuse Debate Bomb That Might Still Explode Mitt's Campaign (94 comments)

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  •  I am very surprised there has been no outcry (26+ / 0-)

    about the uninterrupted statement by Romney.

    I would love to see some numbers on just what percentage of Americans have had their insurance coverage "interrupted" by loss of income, or too low an income to be able to afford insurance.  Or, of course loss of coverage due to illness, at some time in their lives.

    (Who covered Romney's family's insurance when he was in college?  If he was rich enough to cover him, his wife, and three pregnancies, delivers, and young sons then he was a lot richer then than we probably think he was.)

    If you are sick or injured you don't get your weekly pay check, and then how do you pay that monthly premium, along with the usual, food, housing and medical expenses?

    You get well and go back to work but now you have a preexisting condition, say a bummed out back, and you couldn't pay the monthly premiums when you were off work, so now you are uninsurable with a preexisting condition.

    That is really a very evil position for Romney to take and the press needs to acknowledge that.  And confront him with it,
    since what he is saying is that only the rich people like him can have health insurance for life.

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