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View Diary: Pundits say Romney won, CO undecided say not so fast (28 comments)

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  •  We went to a friend's house (5+ / 0-)
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    nearly an hour away to watch. There were nine of us, all Democrats. There were a few groans and comments, but not many. Then we packed up and went home, didn't do 'winner' and 'loser' analysis, we were all too stunned by Romney's frenetic - and quite bizarre - display.

    That's the guy who walks blind teachers into closed doors for laughs, takes scissors to underclassmen whose looks he doesn't like. Straps the family dog to the roof of the car to drive a thousand miles, and insists on eating first so he doesn't have to spend time with his kids and grandkids. The man's a walking, talking revulsion machine whose proximity triggers the immediate desire for decontamination.

    I always thought Mittens was the most dangerous of the Republican field, because he's not-insane (Georgie Tirebiter reference). And not as obviously evil as the other not-insane Republican mover-shakers are (i.e., Newt Gingrich). Huntsman could'a been a contender, but Repukes hate him because he wears his sanity on his sleeve, and he's not an inveterate liar with outrageous delusions of grandeur.

    I'm beginning to think maybe he may be more insane than I thought, still incredibly dangerous. His wife apparently agrees with me on that. Let's hope he's most dangerous to himself, and not to the rest of us. That absolutely requires keeping him the hell away from the Oval Office.

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