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View Diary: The Debate...and 'The Art of War' (189 comments)

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  •  perhaps but then again (8+ / 0-)

    when the insane aslyum has been handed teh keys to the economy sometimes you're forced to make offers that you might not like.

    That's the problem with being the only grown up in the room

    •  Clinton and Gingrich . . . (0+ / 0-)

      The GOP under Gingrich in the House was almost as crazy as this current batch of GOP nutters, but Clinton did a pretty good job of navigating the issues after his first two years and was for the most part bullet proof (even the Lewinsky impeachment backfired against his prosecutors).  Clinton never gave in.  The economic context was different, but I think he also took a good measure of this opponents.  I do not think that Obama and his team fully and accurately understood their oppositions intentions.

      The whole debt-ceiling matter was first raised in December 2010 following the mid-terms.  A reporter asked Obama why he didn't include the debt-ceiling issue with the other compromises (e.g. extension of Bush tax cuts, payroll tax holiday, 9/11 first responders medical care).  He seemed kind of surprised about the question, but suggested that he didn't think it would be an issue.   I remember a guy like Bruce Bartlett saying in June of 2010, before the mid-terms "watch out for this -- it could be an issue", so when the topic came up, it made me wonder a bit.   The White House didn't seem aware of this possibility, or didn't seem to take the possibility of a fight in this area serious.

      The Obama team has been playing a long-game, and I think the verdict is still out on the strategy.  I don't buy the idea either that you have to give in, because the other side is crazy.  In almost any negotiation, you have to go into the deal willing to walk away.

      •  Clinton frankly is better at Obama (1+ / 0-)
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        at appealing directly to the American people and probably is the better politican though Obama is no slouch himself. Not to mention I think the GOP learned from Gingrich's insanity of shutting the government down to an extent (not really in an adult manner just how to game the public better)

        I agree that Obama is playing the long game and that frankly the full effects will take time to be fully judged but you know I think Obama is giving us an honest effort to make things better which is all I can really ask

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