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    like everyone I was really curious about how Obama could have "lost" this debate so well. I mean, I've seen him on the stump recently - he's not looking defeated or nervous or meek at all. Today I've been looking at the pics of O and Mitt just before the debate - again, Obama looks totally in command.

    But when the debate began I remember this look of uncertainty and almost a fumbling quality came over the Pres. Well, here are two conclusions:

    He was tired, intimidated, and not prepared.
    He threw the debate

    Man, I know it's hard to believe, and everyone makes fun of folks for attributing 11 dimensions to Obama's calculus, but I just find it hard to believe that the Prez would not be prepared for the stuff Rom was throwing out. I mean it was cheezeball stuff. It was the obvious tack to the center that has been expected from forever ago. They knew what Mitt would lie about.
    I also simply have a hard time believing Obama is intimidated by Mitt. I know he doesn't like him, and for a while I kept thinking that Obama's personal dislike of Mitt caused him to feel uncomfortable fighting back.
    But I'm not convinced of that either. It was more. Not just a disliking, a real projection of weakness.
    The more I think about it, the more it seems intentional. A tactic and a strategy. I can't help myself. I've just watched this thing too closely and seen the Prez operate in too many intensely high pressure situations to believe he flubbed this by mistake. Maybe I'm being blind and naive, but then again  maybe not.

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