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View Diary: The difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is in ONE GRAPHIC PORTRAIT (137 comments)

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  •  This Is Why ObamaCare Had To Be Done First. (12+ / 0-)

    Middle class economic security rests on SS and Medicare and Medicaid.

    The president declared SS structurally sound and only mentioned tweaking it.  

    But the practically unregulated, for-profit health care and insurance industries were/are strangling us by incessantly driving up medical costs mainly to increase their profits.

    ObamaCare fully implemented will work to reign in those costs and increase the viability of Medicare.  The $716B Rmoney lied about has already extended the Medicare trust 8 years.  The effects of the 80-85% Medical Loss Ratio is going to be real too.

    Any changes that Obama & Pelosi & Durbin make to Medicare and Medicaid will likely be sophisticated enough to insure the viability of the Medicare guarantee.  This is no time to elect willful idealogues (Teabaggers) and ignorant grifters (corporate GOP).

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