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View Diary: For 93 years the Boy Scouts kept thousands of secret "Perversion Files" on sexual abusers (31 comments)

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  •  Can you add the 80's and 90's reports to diary? (2+ / 0-)
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    ConfusedSkyes, Cassandra Waites

    Please. I too read this as perhaps just too old to decipher in a modern context. But if this was going on and managed at all in any way the Bishops were handling abusers in the Catholic Church, moving them around or otherwise protecting them and the institution from fall-out, then that's a bombshell.

    If the Boy Scouts were just trying to "manage it from within" and remove abusers, or just keeping cautionary files, or things short of filing police reports or contacting parents, then it's a different color, but still way over the line of being acceptable from an institution charged with protecting our kids. I just want more context is all.

    And it took me three paragraphs to ask........... sheez.......... sorry............

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