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View Diary: Debate advice for President Obama: Mitt Romney will tell a lot of lies, and you must refute them (303 comments)

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  •  I wonder just how effective a debate candidate (3+ / 0-)
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    can be in the face of such dishonesty.

    I think the Maddow Miit's Mendacity blog had about 45 lies - more than one per minute. Just calling them a lie and not explaining why that is so is hard to get away with in terms of public perception of the debate. And then, if Obama does that, he's spending the bulk of the debate time refuting lies, unable to get his positive message out about what he would do for the country in his next term.

    Somewhere in that mess, the debate should have a moderator who has some knowledge, integrity and journalism ability. Lehrer failed. Those words are not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Candy Crawley who is scheduled as the next moderator. She's kind of GOP leaning and can be talked over.

    The media immediately after the debate attempted some fact checking but a bunch lost their heads and went over the top, sucked in by Romney's superficial, dishonest performance that was so lacking in factual substance - that they failed to give much importance to.

    As well, Romney can prepare for and attack Obama's plans because they are what they are - Obama doesn't flip-flop like Mitt.  Obama can't fully prepare for Romney because all the preparation in the world won't deliver whatever BS/flip-flopping Romney is going to make up in the next debate.

    The media in a democracy is supposed to be the arbiter for the truth. Obama is not going to be able to win a debate without the media doing that job - like they generally failed to do Wednesday night. Americans deserve the truth and they should have called Romney out for failing to deliver it on the spot - Gergen did so for example, but only in passing as a footnote.

    All Obama can do and probably will is generally make the charge with some examples of this behavior and go after Romney's character. Obama can lay the foundation for that with ads before the debate. But at the rate Romney lies - more than a lie per minute, Obama will never be able to shoot them all down during the debate - never.

    To some extent, again, it comes back to the media & moderator to stand up for the truth for American people. Sadly, I wonder if they're really able.

    •  Using humor is key (0+ / 0-)

      POB was using it the next morning when he said he didn't recognize the animated fellow on stage with him. Quick, sharp humor is key to calling out the lies without using the word liar.

      While I agree Obama's nodding was perplexing I think he just couldn't bring himself to look into Romney's falsely earnest face while the lies spewed out. I read most of those nods as sarcastic "sure... right".

      I wrote in another diary that beginning with the overdone handshaking, Obama was fighting with himself about how to react to a personality so repugnant that all his instinctive grace and good will was misplaced.

      The second thing Obama has to try and do is speed up the delivery. I typically like the cadence of his speech as thoughtful and deliberate, but juxtaposed with Mitt's hyper talk, his answers need to be quicker and punchier. Obama avoided any errors in the first debate by being so deliberate but next time out he has let his words go. He's got to get Romney out of his arrogant comfort zone.

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