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View Diary: Debate advice for President Obama: Mitt Romney will tell a lot of lies, and you must refute them (303 comments)

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    "he doens't believe in evolution but he evolved right in front of you"!
    Problem is, there is nothing wrong with "evolving" around an issue, Obama says he did around marriage equality for Gay people. Maybe use another word or explain why this kind of evolving is not ok.

    I dont think that sentence would communicate what is salient about Romney's failure in how he speaks about that video. What is bad is not Romney changed how he spoke about it (ie 'evolved") but that he defended it for two weeks.

    We don't want to give Romney an excuse (lame as it is, that he gradually evolved/became clear) for his initially defense of disrespecting and devaluing half the country, some of whom are really struggling and would/should have received that criticism that they "are not taking responsibilty for their lives and never will" as a very low blow.

    He instead needs to be pilloried for defending the initial insult, period.

    I am on disability and like most I know, would LOVE to be able to work. I feel like I am climbing a greased poll...I expend so much emotional and sometimes physical energy/effort  just to stay the same --getting out of the hole of needing help seems out of reach for now. I actually teared up when I heard my ex-Governor say those of us who need help simply are not taking responsiblity for our lives! (despite my efforts and the efforts I know most of the lower income people expend). I guess I was thinking of him in a "what if " way, if (God Forbid) he was to be my President and think this way and talk this way about those like me. He betrayed us in saying that.  What he said was wrong, that he defended it for weeks was worse, and on top of all that he could not own the hurt he did and never has. I don't think he fully understands.

    That is why I belabor the point that we shouldn't have the President say he evolved. Again though I love the line...wish we could have him use it on something!

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